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I write a column on (mostly introductory) Python topics for IBM developerWorks, called Charming Python. Column titles are below. The copyright on these articles, incidentally, belongs either to a company called Tenco Media (before May 2001) or one called Westtech Information Services (thereafter), which are "publication brokerages." Let me know if you want to reprint anything, I'll try to get it worked out.

(HTMLify) (#1) An Introduction to XML Tools for Python
(HTMLify) (#2) A Closer Look at Python's xml.dom Module
(HTMLify) (Special Update) Revisiting XML Tools for Python
(HTMLify) (#3) My first web-based filtering-proxy
(HTMLify) (#4) State Machines: Algorithms and programming approaches in Python
(HTMLify) (#5) Text Processing in Python: Tips for Beginners
(HTMLify) (#6) Curses programming in Python: Tips for Beginners
(HTMLify) (#7) Dynamically reloading modules in long-running processes
(HTMLify) (#8) Interviews with Creators of Vyper and Stackless Python
(HTMLify) (#9) TK programming in Python: Tips for Beginners
(HTMLify) (#10) Interviews with Developers of JPython and Python for .NET
(HTMLify) (#11) What's New in Python 2.0?
(HTMLify) (#12) Book Roundup
(HTMLify) (#13) Functional Programming in Python
(HTMLify) (#14) Text Processing in Python with mxTextTools: Advanced Tips
(HTMLify) (#15) Developing a Full-Text Indexer in Python
(HTMLify) (#16) More Functional Programming in Python
(HTMLify) (#17) Review of Python IDEs
(HTMLify) (#18) Improving the Social Infrastructure of Python: pydoc and distutils
(HTMLify) (#19) Even More Functional Programming in Python
(HTMLify) (#B1) Iterators and Simple Generators
(HTMLify) (#B2) Anygui: The universal graphical Python interface to come
(HTMLify) (#B3) Book Roundup, Part 2
(HTMLify) (#B4) Parsing in Python with SimpleParse
(HTMLify) (#B5) Generator-based State Machines and Coroutines
(HTMLify) (#B6) Parsing in Python with Spark
(HTMLify) (#B7) Implementing "weightless threads" with Python generators.
(HTMLify) (#B8) Book Roundup, Part 3
(HTMLify) (#B9) Psyco - The Python Specializing Compiler
(HTMLify) (#B10) The Simpy Simulation Language: Modelling Discrete Simultaneous Events
(HTMLify) (#B11) Declarative Mini-languages: Programming as assertion rather than instruction
(HTMLify) (#B12) Multiple Dispatch: Generalizing Polymorphism with Multimethods
(HTMLify) (#B13) The itertools module Functional programming in Python becomes lazy
(HTMLify) (#B14) Numerical Python: Working with the numeric and numarray packages
(HTMLify) (#B15) Review of Python IDEs
(HTMLify) (#B16) Testing Frameworks in Python: Making sure your software does what you think it does
(HTMLify) (#B17) The Python Enterprise Application Kit: A first look at protocols in Python
(HTMLify) (#B18) The Natural Language Toolkit: Using Python in Computational Linguistics
(HTMLify) (#B19) DParser for Python: Exploring Another Python Parser
(HTMLify) (#B20) ???
(HTMLify) (#B21) Pyrex: Writing C code in Python syntax
(HTMLify) (#B22) A New PEAK: Generic functions and predicative dispatch
(HTMLify) (#B23) Hatching Eggs: A PEAK at improved installation and package management
(HTMLify) (#B24) Decorators make magic easy: A look at the newest Python facility for meta-programming
(HTMLify) (#B25) Python Elegance, Python Warts: Sequences and comparisons
(HTMLify) (#B26) Python Elegance, Python Warts, Part 2: Properties, attributes, methods and custom access

These are "almost" Charming Python's

(HTMLify) Metaclass Programming in Python: Pushing Object Oriented Programming to the Next Level
By David Mertz & Michele Simionato
(HTMLify) Metaclass Programming in Python, Part 2: Understanding the Arcana of Inheritance and Instance Creation
By Michele Simionato & David Mertz
(HTMLify) Metaclass programming in Python, Part 3: Cleverness considered harmful (Or, how to do metaprogramming without metaclasses)
By David Mertz & Michele Simionato

These articles on the Twisted framework were not really part of Charming Python, but they fit best here

(HTMLify) The Twisted Framework, Part One: Understanding Asynchronous Networking
(HTMLify) The Twisted Framework, Part Two: Implementing Web Servers
(HTMLify) The Twisted Framework, Part Three: Stateful Web Servers and Templating
(HTMLify) The Twisted Framework, Part Four: Secure Clients and Servers

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