Writing has been good to me, but I also welcome freelance programming opportunities. Anyone who might have some side contract work for this famous writer/programmer, please feel encouraged to contact me. Donations for any benefit you've found in these articles is very welcomed too, of course.
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Since 2007 I have begun to give frequent presentations at FLOSS/programming conferences

(DIR) Conference Speaking

I write two columns for IBM developerWorks. One on (mostly introductory) Python topics, called Charming Python. The other is called XML Matter, and is on matters XML (generally at a somewhat more advanced level). The installments have grown sufficiently numerous to warrant new branches.

(DIR) Charming Python installments

(DIR) XML Matters installments

I have begun writing for Intel Developer Services.

(DIR) Papers for IDS

I have written quite a few tutorials, tips, explorations, editorials, and whatnot. Most of these have run on IBM developerWorks, a few have been published elsewhere. A number of them have coauthors, which is indicated if applicable.

(DIR) Ramblings on esoteric and flatfooted programming topics

The mostly widely read thing I've done proves to be this: A Regular Expressions Tutorial

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) runs a certification in Linux skills. I did both a practice exam for the LPI 101/102 exams, and a tutorial series for the LPI 201/202 exams.

(DIR) LPI training materials

The following are written for WebReview.com. These are generally introductory and/or product reviews (and fairly short).

(DIR) Reviews of Software Products

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