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I write column for IBM developerWorks, called XML Matter, which is on matters XML (generally at a somewhat more advanced level). Column titles are below. The copyright on these articles, incidentally, belongs either to a company called Tenco Media (before May 2001) or one called Westtech Information Services (thereafter), which are "publication brokerages." Let me know if you want to reprint anything, I'll try to get it worked out.

(HTMLify) (#1) On the Pythonic Treatment of XML Documents As Objects (I. xml_pickle)
(HTMLify) (#2) On the Pythonic Treatment of XML Documents As Objects (II. xml_objectify)
(HTMLify) (#3) Getting Started with the DocBook XML Dialect
(HTMLify) (#4) Getting Comfortable with the DocBook XML Dialect
(HTMLify) (#5) Transforming DocBook Documents Using XSLT
(HTMLify) (#6) Roundup of XML Editors
(HTMLify) (#7) Comparing W3C XML Schemas and Document Type Definitions (DTD's)
(HTMLify) (#8) XML and Data Models: Hierarchical, Relational and Object-Oriented
(HTMLify) (#9) Generating DTDs and XML Documents from SQL Queries
(HTMLify) (#10) An Indexer for XML Documents
(HTMLify) (#11) Lessons in Open Source and Common Sense: Revisiting xml_pickle and xml_objectify
(HTMLify) (#12) Generating SQL Statements from DTDs and XML Documents
(HTMLify) (#13) XML and Compression: Exploring the entropy of documents
(HTMLify) (#14) The HaXml functional programming model for XML
(HTMLify) (#15) The 4Suite XML Tools
(HTMLify) (#16) XML-RPC as Object Model: A Data Bundle for the Hoi Polloi?
(HTMLify) (#17) PYX: A Line-Oriented XML
(HTMLify) (#18) REXML: XML Processing in the Ruby Programming Language
(HTMLify) (#19) More on XML and Compression: Block-Level Algorithms and Resource Loads
(HTMLify) (#20) Squeezing OOP data into XML rules: The gnosis.xml.validity Library
(HTMLify) (#21) Roundup of XML Editors: Java and MacOS
(HTMLify) (#22) Roundup of XML Editors: Windows
(HTMLify) (#23) Yet another better XML: YAML Ain't Markup Language
(HTMLify) (#24) reStructuredText: A Light, Powerful Document Markup
(HTMLify) (#25) Relax NG: Doing Better than W3C XML Schemas
(HTMLify) (#26) More On Relax NG: Tools and Special Issues
(HTMLify) (#27) RELAX NG Forms: Compact Syntax and XML Syntax
(HTMLify) (#28) The ElementTree API: Another Native Python Approach to XML
(HTMLify) (#29) The RXP Parser: An extremely fast validating parser with a Python binding
(HTMLify) (#30) The Text Encoding Initiative: An XML Dialect for Archival and Complex Documents
(HTMLify) (#31) SXML And SSAX: Manipulating XML in the Scheme Programming Language
(HTMLify) (#32) The XOM Java XML API A rigorously correct tree-oriented XML model
(HTMLify) (#33) XML For Word Processors: Open source embraces XML as native document format
(HTMLify) (#34) GUIs and XML Configuration Data: A look at the use of XML in MacOSX and KDE
(HTMLify) (#35) GUIs and XML Configuration Data: The Mozilla Project and XUL
(HTMLify) (#36) EVM2003 and XML: Practical XML data design and manipulation for voting systems
(HTMLify) (#37) The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative: Describing XML Content with DCMI
(HTMLify) (#38) OASIS Election Markup Language: Standardization of XML Formats for Voting and Elections
(HTMLify) (#39) Getting the most out of gnosis.xml.objectify: Using utility functions for enhanced object behavior
(HTMLify) (#40) Scalable Vector Graphics: Flexible and portable XML language for graphics
(HTMLify) (#B1) MochiKit: Lift up your DOM manipulation of XML

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