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Document Revision Date: Wed 2004-05-19

Note: In an overly subtle encoding of information, the textual links are typically to plain ASCII versions of documents, while the eye graphics are to an HTML formatted version.

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I have begun writing for Intel Developer Services. The first white papers I have done for them have presented research results rather than simply summarize some outside topic. Hopefully, I'll do more of that as things unfold.

Compression and Streaming of XML Documents: White Paper on the Entropy of Documents
Optimizing xml2struct Processing for Embedded Applications: White Paper on XML Compression (part II)

I also did a series of six articles on XML Programming Paradigms. I think it pretty much sketches the whole field of XML processing.

XML Programming Paradigms (part one): Object Oriented Programming with the Document Object Model
XML Programming Paradigms (part two): Event Driven Programming with the Simple API for XML
XML Programming Paradigms (part three): Declarative Programming with XML Stylesheet Language Transformations
XML Programming Paradigms (part four): Functional Programming
XML Programming Paradigms (part five): Miscellaneous special approaches to XML processing

And I did a column called Distributing Computing. Unfortunately, I need to write these in proprietary MS-Word format. I guess the friendliest thing to do is export to PDF.

Distributing Computing #1: Introduction to remote program logic under Python
Distributing Computing #2: Introduction to Python Remote Objects (Pyro)
Distributing Computing #3: Cross-language remote invocation with XML-RPC
Distributing Computing #4: Cooperative Computing with Mobile Agents (w/ Boudewijn Rempt)

With my colleague Brad Huntting, I did a series of articles about IP multicasting.

An Introduction to Multicasting Strategies
Multicasting Strategies: Protocols And Topologies
Multicasting Strategies: Understanding Reliability

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