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There is a little thing I did that was only sort-of published. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) runs a certification in Linux skills. IBM's Certification Exam (ICE) Tool, in turn, provides (free-of-cost) practice tests for LPI and other certifications. I wrote those practice LPI tests for ICE. You can find the content in a simple HTML format at:

Probably of greater interest to readers is the tutorial series on LPI 201 and LPI 202 exams:

LPI 201

(HTMLify) Topic 201: Understanding the Linux Kernel
(HTMLify) Topic 202: Understanding System Startup
(HTMLify) Topic 203: Understanding Filesystems
(HTMLify) Topic 204: Working with Hardware
(HTMLify) Topic 209: File Sharing Servers
(HTMLify) Topic 211: System Maintenance
(HTMLify) Topic 213: System Customization and Automation
(HTMLify) Topic 214: Troubleshooting

LPI 202

(HTMLify) Topic 205: Network Configuration
(HTMLify) Topic 206: Mail and News
(HTMLify) Topic 207: Domain Name System (DNS)
(HTMLify) Topic 208: Web Services
(HTMLify) Topic 210: Network Client Management
(HTMLify) Topic 212: System Security
(HTMLify) Topic 214: Network Troubleshooting

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