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Miscellaneous articles published various places (moderately advanced and moderately long).

(HTMLify) Evaluation and recommendaton of GNUmed medical record software
(HTMLify) The 2006 O'Reilly Open Source Convention: A Foray into Journalism
(HTMLify) The R Programming Language: Dabbling with a wealth of statistical facilities
By David Mertz & Brad Huntting
(HTMLify) The R Programming Language, Part 2: Functional Programming and Data Explorations
By David Mertz & Brad Huntting
(HTMLify) The R Programming Language, Part 3: Reusable and Object Oriented Programming
By David Mertz
(HTMLify) Linux On PowerPC Processors: Your favorite operating system isn't only for x86
  . . .  Portuguese:   Linux no Mac: uma introducao aos programadores POWER
(HTMLify) Regina And Netrexx: Scripting with Free Software Rexx Implementations
A GNU Text Utilities Tutorial
A TCP/IP Sockets Tutorial, Part One
A TCP/IP Sockets Tutorial, Part Two
(HTMLify) Metaclass Programming in Python: Pushing Object Oriented Programming to the Next Level
By David Mertz & Michele Simionato
(HTMLify) Metaclass Programming in Python, Part 2: Understanding the Arcana of Inheritance and Instance Creation
By Michele Simionato & David Mertz
(HTMLify) Metaclass programming in Python, Part 3: Cleverness considered harmful (Or, how to do metaprogramming without metaclasses)
By David Mertz & Michele Simionato
(HTMLify) Spam Filtering Techniques: Comparing a Half-Dozen Approaches to Eliminating Unwanted Email
(HTMLify) An Introduction to Quantum Computing: A Guide to Solving Intractable Problems Simply
By Brad Huntting & David Mertz
A Regular Expressions Tutorial
Introduction to Cryptology Concepts I
Introduction to Cryptology Concepts II
Intermediate Cryptology: Specialized Protocols
(HTMLify) A Data Compression Primer
Introductory Haskell Tutorial
An Introduction to Neural Networks
By Andrew Blais & David Mertz

Miscellaneous short tips.

(HTMLify) Asynchronous Sax: Simple API for XML as a Long-Running Event Processor
(HTMLify) Lightweight XML Libraries: The KISS Principle
(HTMLify) Command-line XML Processing: Working with XML Documents from the Shell
(HTMLify) Make Your Cgi Scripts Available Via XML-RPC: Providing a programmatic interface to web services
(HTMLify) Making websites more accessible to persons with disabilities (part I)
(HTMLify) Making websites more accessible to persons with disabilities (part II)
(HTMLify) The txt2dw utility: Writing developerWorks content the easy way
(HTMLify) Subelement contents versus tag attributes: Design issues in XML formats
Using CSS2 to display XML documents: A less "expensive" alternative to XSLT
(HTMLify) Understanding ebXML: Untangling the Future Business Web
(HTMLify) Understanding Unicode

Less Current Stuff.

(HTMLify) PalmOS Hosted Programming Languages: Using the Palm as a Development Environment
By David Mertz & Andrew Blais
(HTMLify) Web Development with BeOS (R5)
(HTMLify) Adding Introspection and Object Persistence to Xbase++
Installing FreeBSD Tutorial
A Harbour Project How-To
(HTMLify) The Pyrite Project: Integrating Your Palm Handheld with Your Linux Desktop
By Andrew Blais & David Mertz

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