The Puzzling Quirks of Regular Expressions

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Rights of (Wo)Man
  3. Credits
  4. Preface
  5. Quantifiers and Special Sub-Patterns
    1. Wildcard Scope
    2. Words and Sequences
    3. Endpoint Classes
    4. A Configuration Format
    5. The Human Genome
  6. Pitfalls and Sand in the Gears
    1. Catastrophic Backtracking
    2. Playing Dominoes
    3. Advanced Dominoes
    4. Sensor Art
  7. Creating Functions using Regexen
    1. Reimplementing str.count()
    2. Reimplementing str.count() (stricter)
    3. Finding a Name for a Function
    4. Playing Poker (Part 1)
    5. Playing Poker (Part 2)
    6. Playing Poker (Part 3)
    7. Playing Poker (Part 4)
    8. Playing Poker (Part 5)
  8. Easy, Difficult, and Impossible Tasks
    1. Identifying Equal Counts
    2. Matching Before Duplicate Words
    3. Testing an IPv4 Address
    4. Matching a Numeric Sequence
    5. Matching the Fibonacci Sequence
    6. Matching the Prime Numbers
    7. Matching Relative Prime Numbers
La Liberté éclairant le monde

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I thank my friend Miki Tebeka, who invited me to write this book, albeit in slightly different form than the version you see. I am very grateful to my friend Brad Huntting and partner Mary Ann Sushinsky who provided clever ideas in the directions of these puzzles. Thanks to my colleague Lucy Wan, who provided a final proofreading, finding the many silly typos missed on many prior reads.

A number of other friends and family members listened to me enumerate the foibles of another publisher who clings to a cargo-culted toolchain.

With ambivalence, I thank Noam Chomsky for arranging computability into a neat hierarchy, with regular expressions at the bottom.