Finding what you want:

I am sorry if you have pursued a link that no longer works. It appears that I was hasty in publishing URL's involving the neato-keeno CGI formatter 'txt2html.cgi' too widely.

It is likely that you got here by following a link similar to:

While there is actually a different way to get to the little CGI formatter, it is best not to bother. Instead, please take a look at the stuff after "source=" in the long GET URL, and just use that as your target.

In many cases, you will be able to substitute the ".txt" at the end of the target with ".html" and find a prettier page. Or you might just want to browse around at to find what you were looking for (and maybe even other articles of similar interest).

Yours, David Mertz (Gnosis Software)...

If you really want to see the URL proxy application, you can find it at