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From: Arthur Keller <arthur_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Sun Aug 03 2003 - 19:51:31 CDT

I think it's critical that we have a discussion of the public vs.
private thing among the group, because I don't think it should be
automatic one way or another. That's particularly true about
discussions that precede any potential decision to make it public.
In this regard, I am a "process" person, not necessary a "secretive"
person. I merely want the issues laid out in the process of making a

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At 3:49 PM -0700 8/3/03, Alan Dechert wrote:
>In response to David, I wrote this email which I am forwarding to the list
>(with David's permission).
>hmmmm. I thought Arthur said he'd send you the digests so you could get
>started with the archive. The issue was whether or not the archives should
>be publicly available.
>Arthur expressed concern about how some members' comments could be construed
>as politically partisan (presumably inspiring political opposition). I
>mentioned that while we're probably mostly Democrats, we had Republicans on
>the list too ... as well as several non-U.S.citizens. I also mentioned that
>the discussion on this list has all been on-topic so far and that I saw no
>problem with political comments. I don't think I was neutral. I am in
>favor of open discussion.
>In earlier discussion about source code, Arthur also raised the
>public/private issue. I argued in favor of public for that too. I strongly
>favor the open public approach for all of this. It seems consistent with the
>whole idea of an open system where all components are open for public
>inspection and debate. I am suggesting simply extending the concept to
>include development as well as the final product. Also, I think we will
>attract more interest from others if they can see what we are doing.
>Furthermore, as people join the project as we go along, we won't have to go
>over all the stuff they missed since it's all available. And, the open
>approach will also diffuse any conspiracy theories that may crop up about
>our work.
>If people want to make private comments relative to the project, they can do
>that with private emails or phone calls.
>At the meeting, I mentioned that we should pose this public/private debate
>to the list members. So, I am inviting discussion on this subject now. I
>would like to hear from all participants on this. Are you in favor of the
>open approach or not?
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>> |Mertz will be making list archives available soon -- this should be
>> |especially helpful to you since there were probably 50 or so messages you
>> |missed.
>> I thought our conversation left off at running the idea of archiving by
>> the list before doing it--I was for the idea, but Arthur seemed to be
>> against it (and you and Adrianne seemed neutral). Perhaps I
>> misunderstood because of my connection problem.
>> I *could* work out an archive with some sort of permission restriction,
>> but it would be much more straightforward to do so as just a generally
>> accessible web page (probably at <>,
>> unless you dislike that URL).
>> If you think I should go ahead and create the web archive, I'll start at
>> once. Let me know.

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