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From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sun Aug 03 2003 - 17:49:42 CDT

hmmmm. I thought Arthur said he'd send you the digests so you could get
started with the archive. The issue was whether or not the archives should
be publicly available.

Arthur expressed concern about how some members' comments could be construed
as politically partisan (presumably inspiring political opposition). I
mentioned that while we're probably mostly Democrats, we had Republicans on
the list too ... as well as several non-U.S.citizens. I also mentioned that
the discussion on this list has all been on-topic so far and that I saw no
problem with political comments. I don't think I was neutral. I am in
favor of open discussion.

In earlier discussion about source code, Arthur also raised the
public/private issue. I argued in favor of public for that too. I strongly
favor the open public approach for all of this. It seems consistent with the
whole idea of an open system where all components are open for public
inspection and debate. I am suggesting simply extending the concept to
include development as well as the final product. Also, I think we will
attract more interest from others if they can see what we are doing.
Furthermore, as people join the project as we go along, we won't have to go
over all the stuff they missed since it's all available. And, the open
approach will also diffuse any conspiracy theories that may crop up about
our work.

If people want to make private comments relative to the project, they can do
that with private emails or phone calls.

At the meeting, I mentioned that we should pose this public/private debate
to the list members. So, I am inviting discussion on this subject now. I
would like to hear from all participants on this. Are you in favor of the
open approach or not?

Alan Dechert 916-791-0456

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> |Mertz will be making list archives available soon -- this should be
> |especially helpful to you since there were probably 50 or so messages you
> |missed.
> I thought our conversation left off at running the idea of archiving by
> the list before doing it--I was for the idea, but Arthur seemed to be
> against it (and you and Adrianne seemed neutral). Perhaps I
> misunderstood because of my connection problem.
> I *could* work out an archive with some sort of permission restriction,
> but it would be much more straightforward to do so as just a generally
> accessible web page (probably at <>,
> unless you dislike that URL).
> If you think I should go ahead and create the web archive, I'll start at
> once. Let me know.
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