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Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 11:29:20 CDT

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Hi Adrianne,

|Dear Dr. David,

Probably just "David" is a good form of address... but if you're
really fond of the formal form, I presume "Dr. Mertz" makes more
sense :-).

|Doug Jones suggested that we read FEC documents to see what
|might be important to know for the demo The 2002 voluntary
|Federal Voting System Standards. These standards are available
|from the Federal Election Commission web site,

I just got back in town yesterday, and need to spend a little
more time reviewing all the background from Alan's site to make
sure I understand where the project stands, and to figure out
what I think my best role is.

FWIW, I've run the general idea by my publishing contact, and
think I can get some coverage at IBM developerWorks (and at
O'Reilly ONLamp I am pretty sure). But those would have to
largely address the technical aspects of the design (i.e. how
Python or XML are used). The actually political purpose is
something I would need to squeeze in at a subliminal level (a
skill I possess).

I've read through the mailing list comments since I subscribed,
and I have a few technical suggestions to add. But again, I want
to be confident of the status quo ante before proposing
directions. By tomorrow I should post something to the list.

Al that said, I would be happy to take responsibility for
analyzing and summarizing the FEC Voting System
guidelines/standards. But it will probably be a couple days
before I can take a thorough look. I've read enough legal
documents to have a pretty good sense of what to look for (albeit
never in this particular area).

Yours, David...

Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 09:40:40 -0700
From: "Alan Dechert" <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Subject: Palo Alto CA Meeting Agenda July 31 3pm PDT
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Here are a few topics that come to mind. Even though most of you won't be
there, input from all of you is welcome regarding what we need to talk
about. So far, I think it will be Alan, Ed, Arthur, and Adrianne in
attendance. I have Cc'd David Dill in case he can make it. If anyone else
wants to join the meeting by phone, please let us know right away.

I. Who we are and our roles.

Adrianne Yu Wang -- Team Lead
Alan, Doug, Arthur -- mainly advisors
Van and Ed -- Documentation and some coding
David Mertz -- Analysis, Advocacy, Advice, FEC rules analysis, some coding
Jay and Ben -- Help with hardware/software issues, especially bar code

Mainly coders:

Dennis - lurker, mainly

II. Requirements and Specification
- - Format
- - Location
- - Sources
- - Procedure for update

III. status report
- - Code should be public or private for now?
- - Administration issues (who does what besides Adrianne)

IV. Mailing List
- - Several people should have the ability to add/remove people without
debate, namely, Alan, Arthur, Doug, and Adrianne. Others make suggestions.
- - Back up administration? Currently Arthur is sole owner of this role.

V. Timeline (PERT chart)
- - Let's lay out all the tasks in their logical order

VI. Location/time of demo/Press Conference
- - Somewhere in Silicon Valley for Press Conference
- - Title: "Silicon Valley Computer Scientists Team Up to Develop Free Voting
Machine (assited by others around the U.S. -- Europe too)"
- - Also set up demo in State Capital Building

VII. Voting Demo Hardware set up -- construction
- - enclosure for PC
- - Cradle (wood?) for monitor
- - Bar code scanner (I think it's essential that we show how a blind voter
can verify the ballot without compromising secrecy).

What else??

- -- Alan Dechert
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