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From: Matteo Giacomazzi <giacomazzi_at_programmazione_dot_it>
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 10:55:40 CDT

> Hi Alan,
> >>> 3. Is python the only language that will be used for the project
> >>> or will there be others?
> >> Python will be used for the demo. Some modules may be coded with C
> >> or C++. The language for the eventual finished product will
> >> probably be C or C++, TBD.
> May I ask you why you think that the finished product will be coded in
> C/C++?
Well, first off I didn't say "will be." It is not certain at all. However,
the thinking here has to do with auditability. Auditability is not
important for the demo. However, when we deliver the actual voting system
software, auditability will be a major point. Using a higher level language
like Python adds an additional layer of auditing issues. Also, performance
is not much of an issue for the demo -- it may be more of an issue for the
actual voting system.

On the other hand, I notice the FEC guidelines seem to embrace "high level
languages" for voting system software.

So -- bottom line -- I don't really know. C/C++ is just a guess. Keep in
mind that the demo software is throw away software. The team that develops
the actual production code will probably be led by academic engineers at one
or more of the UC campuses (note that I said "probably" -- none of this has
been formally agreed upon). Some computer scientists at UC San Diego have
expressed interest in the project, although they probably will not get
involved in the demo. For political reasons, UCSD is very important to the
larger project. It may be that the language used will be whatever UCSD
computer scientists decide to use.

Maybe Doug Jones can add/delete/change these comments.

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