Re: Voting System Standards

From: Dennis Paull <dpaull_at_svpal_dot_org>
Date: Sun Jul 27 2003 - 20:51:31 CDT

At 04:57 PM 7/27/2003 Sunday , you wrote:
>> Yep, reading those rules is necessary. I will spend time to read them.
>> For the demo, do we need to really consider the rules as well? ...
>It would be nice if someone would volunteer to sort through all the rules
>and see what, if anything, is applicable for the demo. I don't know if it's
>a good use of time if we all study them in detail.

I suggest that someone who is not busy with the programming read the
rules and summarize them. But at some point, everyone needs to know
the rules to be sure that their part of the project follows all
pertinent requirements. Alternately, you could set up a compliance
committee, responsible for meeting requirements. That shouldn't
be needed for the demo, but you do want the demo to be as real life
as possible given resource restraints.


>> Also, what Douglas brought reminds me that if I will be qualificatory
>> to involve this project after it goes to the further steps because I am
>> not a citizen yet.
>I'm pretty sure your lack of citizenship has nothing to do with your ability
>to work on this project beyond the demo. In any case, let's focus on
>getting the demo done.
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