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Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 14:35:11 CDT

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> >> While iterations are good amongst ourselves, we may not want to post
> >> non-working things in a public place. ...
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> > Aw, come on, Arthur. This is an open source project. We have nothing
> > hide. Everybody understands we start with crap.
> Jeez. Thanks! ;-)
> I should have waited to post before hearing objections. Sorry about that.
> There is no mention of the university of california, if that's any
> consolation.
Which makes Arthur's objections even more absurd.

Arthur is a valued and important team member. However, he is new to the
project and has not really studied it very carefully.

For more background, you can also read this link. This has the text from
several emails I've sent. The last one is a long one to Mohan Paturi.
Mohan is chair of the UC San Diego CSE department. I met with Professor
Paturi on April 25th of this year. I sent him material on the proposal and
he called me to set up the meeting.

I have also been in contact with Chancellor Dynes of UCSD. BTW, Chancellor
Dynes has been appointed as the next President of the UC system. He becomes
president of UC this October.

Here's a copy of the letter I got from Chancellor Greenwood of UCSC.

Here's an email I got from Chancellor Berdahl a while back.
Subj: message from Chancellor Berdahl
Date: 12/3/01 8:42:52 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: smclem_at_uclink4_dot_berkeley_dot_edu (Stephanie McLemore)

Dear Alan --

I have spoken with Ruzena Bajcsy about your project, indicating that I
thought it a good one that deserved some support -- whatever she could
provide. She has very limited discretionary funding available -- only
about $1 million at this point, so she will have to be fairly careful in
allocating it.

Good luck. Don't give up on the project.

Robert M. Berdahl


Stephanie McLemore
Executive Assistant
Chancellor's Immediate Office
200 California Hall # 1500

Tel: (510) 642-7464
Fax: (510) 643-5499
In summary, UC administration -- including all the UC Chancellors and the
prospective UC President -- is thoroughly familiar with what I am doing and
what I have done. They are generally supportive although the budget crisis
has made getting funding support difficult. With luck, the money will come
from foundations and/or government sources. I have recent letters from two
very large foundations expressing interest. We missed the deadline for this
fiscal year for the Ford Foundation but they are interested in getting a
proposal from us after Oct 1.

I have so many friends in the UC system -- faculty and admin -- that people
often mistake me for UC Faculty. Even Ruzena Bajcsy (Head of CITRIS) called
me Dr. Dechert (I am a UCB grad, but I've never represented myself as any
more than a consultant on this project). I'm listed in this report as
"University of Ccalifornia, Berkeley"


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