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At 11:54 AM -0700 7/25/03, Alan Dechert wrote:
>Listen, Arthur. This project has a long history before you joined. I
>represented the UC Berkeley project proposal for improving voting systems in
>California in NUMEROUS meetings in the state capital building with numerous
>public officials. These meetings include quite a few State legislators.
>Two meetings were with top staff in the governor's office.
>In addition, I have met with Kevin Shelley's staff (before he became SOS)
>several times (2001-2002). On May 16 of this year, I met with John
>Mott-Smith, chief of the elections division. He had requested that I give
>him a letter to justify the study which I co-authored 2.5 yrs earlier with
>Henry Brady, Director of the Survey Research Center. Here's the first page
>of the proposal:
>This letter from Senator Perata to UCB Chancellor Berdahl was written on my
>On Nov 16 of 2001, Prof Brady and I met with Ruzena Bajcsy, the Head of
>CITRIS, along with Jim Demmel CITRIS Chief Scientist. Also in attendance
>were Vice Chancellor Beth Burnside and Associate Vice Chancellor Bob Price.
>This meeting was arranged after Chancellor Berdahl wrote a letter to the
>CITRIS folks
>I have also written to MRC Greenwood, Chancellor of UCSC. She wrote back
>thanking me for sending the information about the proposal. I'll post a
>copy of the letter if you like.
>There is no issue here about saying we're working with UC faculty and
>students on this project proposal.
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>> Before posting, particularly using the name of the University of
>> California for which we do not have any official approval, I would
>> like to understand what the purpose and advantage of posting this
>> source code is?
>> I can set up a separate mailing list for source code if not everyone
>> wants to see that fly by.
>> I personally see more downsides to public posting than upsides.
>> Anyone have any other comments?
>> Thanks.
>> Arthur

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