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In addition, I have met with Kevin Shelley's staff (before he became SOS)
several times (2001-2002). On May 16 of this year, I met with John
Mott-Smith, chief of the elections division. He had requested that I give
him a letter to justify the study which I co-authored 2.5 yrs earlier with
Henry Brady, Director of the Survey Research Center. Here's the first page
of the proposal:

This letter from Senator Perata to UCB Chancellor Berdahl was written on my

On Nov 16 of 2001, Prof Brady and I met with Ruzena Bajcsy, the Head of
CITRIS, along with Jim Demmel CITRIS Chief Scientist. Also in attendance
were Vice Chancellor Beth Burnside and Associate Vice Chancellor Bob Price.
This meeting was arranged after Chancellor Berdahl wrote a letter to the
CITRIS folks

I have also written to MRC Greenwood, Chancellor of UCSC. She wrote back
thanking me for sending the information about the proposal. I'll post a
copy of the letter if you like.

There is no issue here about saying we're working with UC faculty and
students on this project proposal.


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> Before posting, particularly using the name of the University of
> California for which we do not have any official approval, I would
> like to understand what the purpose and advantage of posting this
> source code is?
> I can set up a separate mailing list for source code if not everyone
> wants to see that fly by.
> I personally see more downsides to public posting than upsides.
> Anyone have any other comments?
> Thanks.
> Arthur
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