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It is true that conventional handheld 2D bar code readers run
around $500, but we don't need them. You can get bar code
software that will work on any scanned image. That will normally
be a monochrome TIFF image using fax-style compression, but
other formats may be used. No special hardware is required.
Let's see...
On a worldwide basis, there is no doubt that PDF417 is now the
defacto standard for government document automation applications
worldwide. This adoption of PDF417 by governments worldwide has
created a major opportunity beyond the already extensive
installed base of 1D bar code applications.

PDF417 has been widely adopted for id cards - both driver's
licenses, national id cards, and military id cards. In these
applications, PDF417 is used to carry personal data on the cards
- - including biometric information such as fingerprints and
compressed facial images. Over 100 million PDF417-based id cards
have already been printed with this number growing rapidly.

In related applications, PDF417 is used on passports, visas, and
other travel documents, with major standards bodies developing
guidelines to support this use.

[The standard. US$144, unfortunately.]
        ISO/IEC 15438:2001

Information technology -- Automatic identification and data
capture techniques -- Bar code symbology specifications --

(available in English only)

Edition: 1 (Monolingual)
Number of pages: 102
Technical committee / subcommittee: JTC 1/SC 31
ICS: 35.040
Stage: 60.60
Stage date: 2001-10-11

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ISO/IEC 15438:2001 PDF version (en) CHF 194,00 978 KB
ISO/IEC 15438:2001 paper version (en) CHF 194,00

PDF 417

PDF417 is a stacked symbology and was invented by Ynjiun Wang in
1991 at Symbol Technologies. PDF stands for Portable Data File,
and the symbology consists of 17 modules each containing 4 bars
and spaces (thus the number "417"). The code is in the public

The structure of the code allows for between 1000 to 2000
characters per symbol...

Here is free source code for a PDF417 generator under the GNU

[and here is free PDF417 reader software. It needs some
additional work, but it should do for a demo.]
Pdf417decode.c can decode pdf417 barcode from pbm file.The
decoder just simple decode and ignores error correction info.

> > (I spent several years covering the bar-code printer and
> > reader industry off and on.)
> Good. Tell us about it.

I can get a lot more information when i know more precisely what
we need.

> Alan

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