Re: Ballot Format v. Interface Format

From: Dennis Paull <dpaull_at_svpal_dot_org>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 17:09:12 CDT

I'm another newbie to this list.

At 01:51 PM 7/24/2003 Thursday , Edward wrote:
>How big can an election be? I have seen ballots in California
>with dozens of candidates plus dozens of initiatives. Can we
>guarantee to stay within the usual 55 lines on a single page? It
>seems unlikely to me.
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An even more difficult question is how to accomodate various forms
of preference or ranked voting where a number of candidates must
have the voter's ranked preferences noted. This could easily double
or more the space required.

But there is nothing magic about 55 lines. That comes from old
12 pt fixed font printers. Today's printers could easily accomodate
2 columns and many more lines. At some point, however, old folks
like me wouldn't be able to read the fine print.

This also affects the length of the bar code, BTW. It could become a
big deal.

Dennis Paull
Retired embedded systems programmer.
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