Re: Ballot Format v. Interface Format

From: Edward Cherlin <edward_dot_cherlin_at_etssg_dot_com>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 16:02:11 CDT

> On Thursday 24 July 2003 10:53 am, Arthur Keller wrote:
> > I think that should be the case modulo reformatting for how
> > much fits in the available space using the desired font size.
> > However, no matter what, a ballot must fit on (one side of)
> > one letter-size sheet.
> >
> > Arthur
> How big can an election be? I have seen ballots in California
> with dozens of candidates plus dozens of initiatives. Can we
> guarantee to stay within the usual 55 lines on a single page? It
> seems unlikely to me.
I would like to see a specific example that wouldn't fit. The list could
also use two columns. I've never heard of an election with 100 contests.
San Franciso is known for huge ballots, so that might be a place to look.
We might consider the possibility of using legal size as an option. It's
worth looking at exceptional cases but, again, I don't think it's a big deal
for the demo.

We're just printing the candidates selected, remember.

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