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Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 14:45:47 CDT

The list has become quite active. There are bunches of messages today.


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> Hi Alan,
> Short preface: this week I am away on a flaky and slow dialup.
> But I saw part of the discussion on on your efforts to
> create open source voting machines/systems. I would very much
> like to participate in this effort.
> By way of my background, I recently released the book _Text
> Processing in Python_ with Addison Wesley, and write about
> various technologies for IBM developerWorks, Intel, ONLamp, and
> others. But perhaps more germane background is that I have a
> Ph.D. in political philosophy; as well as a fairly active history
> of progressive political involvements. I think creating fair
> and transparent voting system is of utmost significance for
> democracy to continue--obviously, I am not the only person who
> sees much of what is wrong with current corrupt efforts like the
> Diebold machines; but I am accutely so aware.
> Anyway, I hope to chat with you some more next week, but wanted
> to put my name in your mind right away. I can certainly
> contribute to actual programming/development efforts, but I would
> be even more interested in assisting at a planning and advocacy
> level--perhaps in my role as a well-read writer I could help
> promote the project. But I also believe I have good head for
> understanding both the political and security concerns that
> relate to a good system such as you hope to develop and promote.
> All the best, David...
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