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From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 14:33:59 CDT

> However, I understand that several of the people on the list have been
> studying these issues for a while. Is there a requirements
> specification for the a) paper ballot, ....
I've written lots of stuff about that but it's not all in one place. I
described some of it in a message today (sent 9:12 am PDT). One thing I
didn't mention there is a security feature to combat counterfeits. The
ballot will have special marking that will be set when the PC is booted on
Election Day and these marking will appear on every ballot printed from that
machine. It could be a watermark (say a picture of Geo Wash) that has
readily apparent differences depending on some parameters.

  b) user interface?

The closest I have to that in one place is the first post I made to
comp.lang.python. Did you see that? Posted 7/20 1:43 PDT.

> Even just
> starting with the list of information that needs to be included on the
> paper ballot would be good -- everything flows from that.
Please review earlier messages.

> So on the paper ballot, the following information has been suggested for
> inclusion:
> State
> Precinct
> Date/Time
Date but NOT time. Having the time there would compromise the secret

> Ballot type
Not for general election. Not an issue for demo. The ballot style is set
by precinct. For a primary election, we'll have to include REP/DEM
whatever, but we don't need to worry about that now.

> Random number
Yes, the ballot number

> Ballot sequence number
Don't see it.

> Voter ID (at least the XML representation suggested included this)
Absolutely not. Ballots themselves must be absolutely anonymous.

> List of issues, with vote on each issue (incl abstentions)
I have suggested "NO PREFERENCE INDICATED" where undervoted. I don't
remember if I got shot down on that or not. "NONE OF THE ABOVE" is very
controversial and we can't use that -- certainly not now.

> Bar code of all (some?) of the previous
We bar code the concatenated ballot number and the votes made. That's all.
The whole ballot number is
date + state + county + precinct + 4-digit ballot number

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