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From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 13:51:30 CDT

> Please humor me. Use 5 digits for ballot number. ....
I see no case for 5 digits, and every reason to go with 4. There will be
instances where manual checking that involves the ballot number will be
involved. You greatly increase overhead with the extra unnecessary digit.
The chance that someone will misread the number is much higher for a 5-digit
number as opposed to a 4-digit number.

We also want to economize because of the bar code. As I just mentioned in
an earlier message, we want a cheap economical bar code with no more
characters encoded than absolutely necessary.

About 500 ballots are normally handled at a precinct on Election Day. We'd
expect to have around 7-8 machines at each. Normally, one machine is going
to handle less than 100 ballots. Each machine would be able to produce 1000
unique numbers with the scheme I've described (i.e., we append the one digit
machine number to a 3 digit random number). If it was close, I would say
let's error on the side of caution. But it's not close. You have 10,000
possible ballot numbers for each precinct while you will only use around 500

> You also have to
> ensure the number given out isn't a duplicate of what's been used for
> this voting machine in the past day (which Alan mentioned earlier).
Yeah, this is trivial. You just check the table to see if your number has
already been used and go back and get another if it has.

> Also use a better random number generator (eventually).
Right, but not for the demo.

> States are two letter codes. Counties within California use a 3
> letter code. Since Texas has about 500 counties, I think we should
> stick with such a convention.
> Precinct is a 4 digit code.
> Perhaps we should add a "ballot type" to the ballot number in case
> there are multiple ballot types at an election. There are multiple
> ballot types at a primary election, and we need to handle that.
I don't see where this has anything to do with ballot number. In the larger
study, we'll have to deal with how to deal with primary elections. Our demo
is for a general election. Let's worry about that later.

>(We also need a way to ensure that the voter votes only with the
> correct ballot type. What's our solution to that problem?)
I think you might be mixing the meaning of "ballot type" and "ballot style."
Doug can probably give us some better terminology here, but "ballot style"
refers to the mix of contests that appears on the ballot according to the

FYI, the design I've described deals with ballot styles like this: The
county produces CDs which include a database covering all the contests in
all the precincts in the county. All the CDs would be exactly the same and
would include all the software for the voting machine. For each precinct,
floppy disks (or some other media) are provided for each PC/voting machine.
The floppy disk would have a parameter file that indicates the precinct
number and machine number. The voting machine boots up from the CD and
reads the parameter file on the floppy so the machine provides the correct
ballot style based on the precinct number and sets the correct ballot number
prefix accordingly.

> Then date in the form YYYYMMDD.
Depends on how precious our character space is. We may want the date

> Then a five digit ballot number.

> I think there should then be a ballot sequence number (one
> digit/character). If someone makes a mistake and prints another
> ballot, then use the same ballot number with an incremented ballot
> sequence number. It's a good check that the spoiled ballot won't be
> used (since it matches in ballot number except for the
> ballot sequence number on the spoiled ballot is smaller). Does
> someone who spoils a ballot have to go back to the same PC they
> originally voted on?
I see no need for your "ballot sequence number." But again, this is not an
issue for the demo. The voter is instructed to go to a poll worker when a
ballot is spoiled. The poll worker would tear off a corner of the ballot
(containing the number) and shred the rest of the ballot. The torn off
number would be put in a box to facilitate reconciliation. It's not really
necessary to have the tear off but it will make it quicker to reconcile.
The ballot numbers of spoiled ballots are entered into the admin PC so that
when the polls close, they can account for all the ballot numbers used. If
someone doesn't follow procedures such that it doesn't add up, then the
ballot numbers must be read from each ballot from the ballot box so that all
the extra ballot numbers in the electronic file are excluded that way.

> Arthur
> At 9:12 AM -0700 7/24/03, Alan Dechert wrote:
> >We don't have a specific format worked out but I can give you some
> >clues. The text should all be in a fixed width (non-proportional)
> >font that is easy to read for humans and scanners.
> >
> >The printout will have a title that goes something like this:
> >
> >NOVEMBER 7, 2000
> >
> >The ballot number will be printed in each corner. On the bottom, I
> >think we want the ballot number printed upside down (this is so the
> >ballot number can be easily read with the ballot face down by
> >lifting any corner).
> >
> >The ballot number will be a random number from a range of 1000
> >numbers. I don't know how you get a random number in python but
> >here's what I've done in dBASE.
> >
> >MyNumber = "1"+substr(str(rand(),12,3),10,3)
> >
> >Incidentally, these four digits will be combined with state,
> >county, precinct, and date to make a unique key.
> >
> >The printout will list the selections made
> >
> >
> >
> >etc.
> >
> >There will be a bar code on the long edge (duplicate on left and
> >right edge). I will have more to say about the bar code in another
> >message.
> >
> >The print button should be at the end of the on screen ballot image
> >like I have here.
> >
> >Alan
> >
> >
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> > Hey Matt,
> > You did ask me a good question. I am not quite sure what kind of
> >format it suppose look like, I personally do not think we have any
> >specific format decided yet. However, we do have a picture of a
> >paper ballot , that is what we like it to be so far, I am not sure
> >if you have seen it or not, I am sending it to you anyway. In the
> >mean time, what we really want is to include the printing function
> >in the Python code. Thank you for the detail questions.
> >
> >Adrianne
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Matt Shomphe wrote:
> >
> >>Adrianne,
> >>
> >>I'd be glad to add another button to the code. However, I'm not
> >>sure what "Print" should do. Should it just write out a file?
> >>Should there be a specific format (e.g., XML)? Or should it do
> >>something else?
> >>
> >>Any other suggestions/additions?
> >>
> >>I'll try to clean up the code and make it a bit more robust, as
> >>well as having specific APIs that others can use. I'll try to
> >>document as best I can :)
> >>
> >>Speaking of documentation, is there a specific format that should
> >>be used? (DocBook, LaTex, plain old text, &c.)
> >>
> >>Matt
> >>
> >>ps -- Ciao, Matteo! Ho studiato italiano per due anni, ma ho
> >>dimenticato tutto. E' facile da leggere (perche ho studiato il
> >>latino per 4 anni), ma e' difficile da parlare :)
> >>
> >>On Wed, 23 Jul 2003 16:58:16 -0700, Adrianne Wang
> >><> wrote:
> >>
> >>>Hi Matt,
> >>>I just ran your code, it is pretty cool. I am wondering if you
> >>>would like to add one more print button to your code, which
> >>>provides printing function, then I will add your code to
> >>> as our first prototype. Thank you.
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>Adrianne
> >>>
> >>>
> >
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