Re: about the Python code

From: VanL <vlindberg_at_verio_dot_net>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 12:55:28 CDT

> Please humor me. Use 5 digits for ballot number. You also have to
> ensure the number given out isn't a duplicate of what's been used for
> this voting machine in the past day (which Alan mentioned earlier).
> Also use a better random number generator (eventually).

[snip discussion of possible parts]

I would also suggest a SHA or MD5 hash of the above.

However, I understand that several of the people on the list have been
studying these issues for a while. Is there a requirements
specification for the a) paper ballot, b) user interface? Even just
starting with the list of information that needs to be included on the
paper ballot would be good -- everything flows from that.

So on the paper ballot, the following information has been suggested for
Ballot type
Random number
Ballot sequence number
Voter ID (at least the XML representation suggested included this)
List of issues, with vote on each issue (incl abstentions)
Bar code of all (some?) of the previous

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