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From: Matt Shomphe <mshomphe_at_comcast_dot_net>
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 12:50:45 CDT

> Agreed, but let's extend it to the input too!
> Let's write the "interface data" in XML, and let's write in Python
> something that parses this XML and "draw" the interface.
> This way, the very same task may be done, e.g. in PHP, for the web
> part. The Python part will create an interface in
> Tkinter/wxPython/pyGTK/pyGame or wathever, the PHP part will create
> the same interface using HTML and CSS.
> XML -> [software] -> Interface -> [user interaction] -> XML -> Ballot

Perfect! Seperate the data from the implementation! This will be a bit
tougher, depending on the desired interface. I haven't done anything like
this before. Any ideas on how to structure this (the XML and the code)?

> We could even write down some XSLT that, given a pre-ballot, can
> "translate" it in an HTML page or in a PDF document.
> XSLT software is very common, and everybody can achieve a nice result.

I was thinking XSLT as well, but I've only worked with it briefly and
didn't like the output at all. It was probably my inexperience; I went
with SAX parsers instead.

I have experience with DTDs, XML (text, SAX & DOM), & (basic) HTML. CSS,
Schemas, XSLT & PHP are all a bit beyond me right now (but I'm willing to
learn). So we'll need to put our heads together to come up with
infrastructure that is transparent and workable for all the situtations we


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