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From: Matt Shomphe <mshomphe_at_comcast_dot_net>
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 19:57:08 CDT

I'd be glad to add another button to the code. However, I'm not sure what
"Print" should do. Should it just write out a file? Should there be a
specific format (e.g., XML)? Or should it do something else?

Any other suggestions/additions?

I'll try to clean up the code and make it a bit more robust, as well as
having specific APIs that others can use. I'll try to document as best I
can :)

Speaking of documentation, is there a specific format that should be used?
(DocBook, LaTex, plain old text, &c.)


ps -- Ciao, Matteo! Ho studiato italiano per due anni, ma ho dimenticato
tutto. E' facile da leggere (perche ho studiato il latino per 4 anni), ma
e' difficile da parlare :)

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003 16:58:16 -0700, Adrianne Wang <>

> Hi Matt,
> I just ran your code, it is pretty cool. I am wondering if you would like
> to add one more print button to your code, which provides printing
> function, then I will add your code to as our first
> prototype. Thank you.
> Adrianne
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