Re: Demo Team List

From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 19:43:58 CDT

> Seriously speaking: do you really think that some one could be
> interested in damaging an open source project like this?
Figure it out, Matteo. This purpose of the demo is to advance the case for
our full blown $10 million study.

This large project (the largest and most comprehensive voting modernization
study ever conducted), if fully successful, would bring about a uniform
voting system based on open souce software (have to admit, even Doug Jones
is a little skeptical). Now, if all the voting booths had commodity PCs
running open source software (include voter-verified printout of course),
where would that leave voting equipment vendors like ES&S, Diebold, Sequoia,
etc? They are expecting to sell $billions in hardware over the next few
years. Would they be unhappy to lose so much business?

What about Senator Hagel? He has a "$1-5 million investment" in ES&S, the
company that counts most of his votes.

Fire off an email to him and ask him if he likes our project.

What do you suppose he'll say?

If you go around promoting our project to people like Hagel, he'll swear YOU

Voting equipment vendors don't like what we're doing (or proposing to do).
As we gain a higher profile, they will attack. They're giving us a lot of
ammunition to shoot back with, however.

Don'g worry, though. It should be fun.

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