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From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Mon Aug 17 2009 - 17:54:18 CDT

On Mon, 2009-08-17 at 11:21 -0700, Edward Cherlin wrote:
> My mistake. Wrong file. _Flyer_ file now attached.
Okay, this gives me something to talk about, anyway.

Your flyer cannot substitute for the brochure. But you have a point
about the need for a simple one-page flyer-invitation.

My concept for the brochure is that it would be something handed out at
the event. When I post the brochure on our web site in place of the old
"About OVC Brochure," the box on the cover with the event info will be

In other words, the brochure is primarily a brochure and not an
invitation. If the host is talking with someone before the event and
the person seems interested and wants to know more, the brochure with
the event details could be sent electronically (link or attached PDF).
So, the brochure could serve as a supplement to the invitation (whether
the invitation is verbal, from a flyer, an email, facebook, or

The brochure also contains a presentation. I don't intend to do a slide
presentation, but the same information I would include in a slide
presentation is in the brochure. Specifically, if I were to break it
down into slides, it would go something like this:

1. Title page

2. Why we're here
- Counting your vote is a trade secret

3. Why we're here
- Bowen's review

4. Why we're here
- Rip off (high price poor quality)

5. Our approach to a solution
- What is Open Voting

6. Our approach to a solution
- Purpose of OVC

7. Major Demonstrations

8. LinuxWorld

9. Policy Successes
- ACR 242
- NY State Board of Elections

10. OVC business model
- membership-based

11. Endorsements
- Brian Newby

12. Endorsements
- Eva Patterson

13. Endorsements
- Dennis Kucinich

14. Endorsements
- Mark Shuttleworth

15. Chronology
- Before OVC

16. Chronology
- Since OVC, before Bowen's election (2004 - 2006)

17. Chronology
- Since Bowen's election

18. How it works
- Before Election Day

19. How it works
- Set up on Election Day

20. How it works
- Voting

21. How it works
- Poll site tabulation

22. How it works
- County-wide tabulation (aggregation)

23. FAQ
- What is Clear Count

24. FAQ
- Isn't Bowen the one to do it?

25. FAQ
- Who are the people behind OVC?

26. FAQ
- What does OVC do?

27. FAQ
- Isn't open less secure?

28. FAQ
- Could this go beyond CA?

So the information in the brochure could be broken out into 28 slides,
if desired. This makes for a pretty long presentation, but, in fact,
the presenter would not go over every point. Generally, I start talking
for maybe 10 minutes then people start asking questions. So, other
issues may be discussed (what about hand-marked, hand-counted?). Some
of the topics would be glossed over or skipped, but certain ones (like
the slide with Shuttleworth) would never be skipped.

I also think it is very important for people to understand the
relationship between Bowen and OVC. Some people thought that when Bowen
was elected, our work was done. So, I would never skip that part.

Some have remarked that the brochure is rather dense, content-rich,
overly detailed, and so on. However, I went through quite a process to
distill it down to that. There are probably 20 or more questions I
frequently hear -- getting it down to 6 was a real compromise. In
reality, we'll hear some of those other questions during the
presentation anyway.

Other feedback has been very positive. Some people have remarked about
how much it means to see the chronology. It says a lot about how change
is happening -- with a lot of persistence over a period of quite a few

To relieve some of the crowding, I think going to legal-sized may be the
best thing to do.

Now, for your one-page flyer idea .....

Here are the major problems I see with it: 1) I can't tell why I should
care about the event. 2) I can't tell the purpose of the event

>From the picture and the captions, your main point seems to be that we
should not buy voting systems from Sequoia. Then you say, "California
Secretary of State Debra Bowen says we shouldn’t buy them any more."

Okay, but I'm not buying ANY voting systems. And it is unlikely that
anyone in the audience is considering buying a voting system from
Sequoia or anyone else for that matter. Furthermore, since you point
out that Debra Bowen (the chief election official in the state) already
says we should not buy them, then what's the point? It seems like a
dead issue.

I used Sequoia as an example in the brochure, and I also used Diebold in
the Facebook pitch about the event. But you have made Sequoia so
prominent in the flyer, it appears that Sequoia is the main topic. I
don't care to hear a lecture about how crappy Sequoia's voting systems
are. I can't imagine a more boring topic. I get that already.

The other main problem is with the purpose of the event. This is a
fundraising event. The facebook pitch calls it a "party-benefit" with a
$25 suggested minimum.

If we're going to raise any money at the event, people have to know that
this is the purpose from the beginning. Your flyer doesn't give any
indication that maybe they should bring a checkbook or credit card.

Another thing, you remarked about this collage of pictures I put on the
front of the brochure. The point I'm trying to make is that botched
elections can have really seriously bad consequences -- major death and
destruction. We want to be on the other side of that. That's what I
was trying to convey. I'm sure we could do a better job of that, and we
will change it for sure.

However, your flyer conveys nothing about the serious consequences. I
mean consider that in just the last 18 months, two countries, Iran and
Kenya, were nearly torn to pieces -- with quite a bit of death and
destruction. Your flyer conveys nothing of the dangers of bad election
administration. It's not just far away countries where this can happen.
What if Gore had really fought all-out against the 2000 decision?

In addition to the brochure (not as a replacement for), we could use a
one-page flyer for one form of invitation, but not the one you have.


Alan D.

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