Fwd: Open Voting Consortium & SCALE 7x

From: Richard Dawson <rcdawson_at_att_dot_net>
Date: Wed Sep 03 2008 - 22:20:15 CDT

OVC invited to present at Southern California Linux Expo!

attached mail follows:

Greetings Richard,

I hope this email finds you doing well, I apologize for the delay in
getting back to you. I had a chance to review what the Open Voting
Consortium does and I think it would be an excellent fit for SCALE 7x.
I am including a link to our "Call for dotORG Exhibitors" application,
if you could please fill that out. I am also including a link to our
"Call for Papers", in case anyone within the Open Voting Consortium is
interested in submitting a talk for consideration.



Gareth J. Greenaway <g@socallinuxexpo.org>
Voice - 877-831-2569 x130
Southern California Linux Expo 

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