MSFT Chicanery

From: Alan Dechert <dechert_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Fri Sep 21 2007 - 11:12:24 CDT

I went to back-to-school night Sep 10. A handout for the "HomeLink"
application says, "Microsoft Internet Explorer running on a Windows-based PC
is the only software that will provide accurate student information online."

A quick search on the vendor, aeries ( "eagle software"), shows
they are a "Microsoft certified partner," and appears to be spreading the
same phoney line to all their customers -- which they repeat to all the
students and parents.

Maybe the open source community could give the schools a drop in replacement
for that HomeLink thing.

I will be on Black Box America ( ) again this morning
10am Pacific -- this time with Jim March hosting. We'll talked mostly about
the MSFT problem, and also relate it to voting.

Alan D.

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