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>Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 10:59:37 -0700
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>On 9/7/07, Alan Dechert <> wrote:
>> I just sent this to our announcements list ....
>> <<<<<<<
>> Dear Friends of Open Voting:
>> I will be "on the air" with Bev Harris for a whole hour from
>> 10:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific today. The show is called,
>> "Black Box America" and Bev likes to talk about the larger
>> issues of transparency (or lack of it) in government.
>> This should be fun.
>> You can listen over the Internet by going to this URL:

>Not I. I've never seen a Web site so hostile to Firefox. It opens five tabs,
>all of them displayed wrong, and none of them able to access the audio.

In Seamonkey (Iceape, actually) I got a badly designed site, but
it didn't open any tabs. I've got Javascript enabled in Navigator but
not Mail&Newsgroups, and it's allowed to move or resize existing windows,
raise or lower windows, change images, and disable or replace context
menus. Ajax apps fail if they can't do all that stuff.

The front page has some noxious SWF advertising, and the
main links swap images on mouse-over, but that's all pretty standard
for "rich consumer multi media experience" type entertainment sites.
(That is, sites designed for wealthy consumers, I suppose...)
And word on the street is nobody under 30 will look at your site if
you don't have all that crap. They're so used to it a page that doesn't
have it looks broken. There's a little CSS, but mostly it's
HTML 3 Netscape-vs-Explorer late '90s style bad code.
The main annoyance is a common amateur trick of specifying all the cell
widths in a table so if the visitor adjusts the window to a reasonable
width the page scrolls sideways.

Leave them a comment at

I had to wander around, and eventually found
Somehow I've got Seamonkey doing MP3s using Video LAN Client as a plugin,
via something called Mozplugger. (The default Etch install which I haven't
gotten around to adjusting. Chokes on PDFs, BTW.)


>Alan Dechert
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