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From: Arthur Keller <voting_at_kellers_dot_org>
Date: Thu Sep 06 2007 - 19:15:45 CDT

The ideas in clear voting make sense and were independently developed
in discussions previously on this list. See and click on Electronic
Voting. See the papers A PC-Based Open Sourrce voting machine....
(USENIX 05) and a Voting System with a Modular Voting Architecture
(VSRW 06), and also the OSCON 2006 talk.

Our improvement to your idea is to have the electronic ballot records
written to the same CD-R as the software in random order at the end
of the day.

There's also the idea of generating a private key/public key pair
just for voting day, so the voting machine can digitally sign the
electronic ballot records. The public key is kept, but the private
key is destroyed.

Best regards,

At 2:05 AM +0200 9/7/07, emanuele lombardi wrote:
>Good morning to everybody.
>My name is Emanuele Lombardi and I joined your group to ask for your help
>about Open Source voting.
>We all know that Open Source ensures verifiability of software, but how can
>we be sure that a computer really runs the Open Source software it is
>supposed to run? It is not a silly question because reading and checking a
>source code is obviously useless if the computer doesn't run it. The use of
>Open Source could even be dangerous because it can generate in common people
>confidence in something that doesn't deserve it.
>In electronic voting the problem is huge since elections involve thousands
>and thousands of computers that run all together for a period of time that
>is too short (about 12 hour) to allow proper testing of all computers.
>I think voters and parties shouldn't trust any voting computer that comes to
>polling stations already installed and ready to go. We shouldn't trust those
>computers even if we are told they run Open Software, because nobody can
>verify what they really run during elections.
>I was trying to work out an electronic voting system that could minimize the
>risks of hacked software and fraud made by Administrations, thus I wrote
>down ClearSoftware, a new method of making, installing and running software
>that gives confidence on what actually runs on a computer.
>Since the method is based on Open Source and it can be used in elections,
>I'd really like to know your expert opinion about it.
>If you have time, please point your browser at
>If you want to have a look at the Open Source voting system I worked out,
>please go to Of course I welcome any remarks
>about the voting system as well.
>Thank you very much for any help,
>Emanuele Lombardi

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