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From: Kathy Dopp <kathy_dot_dopp_at_gmail_dot_com>
Date: Sat Sep 30 2006 - 22:54:02 CDT

After January, I may be the election official for my county - esp. if
I create campaign literature and get out and campaign enough in
October and obtain sufficient participation in my parallel citizen
vote count (using VoteNow2006.net) enough to find some actual
discrepancies in some precincts if Diebold miscounts my votes.

Utah's Lt. Governor de-certified all voting systems except for Diebold
TSx and Diebold optical scan - central count. However, out of

Can a decent ballot printer be added to existing Diebold TSx hardware?

What are the fundamental hardware flaws (just briefly) that would
prevent a Diebold TSx from being turned into a decent open voting

The Yale professor who commented on the Princeton study (see
VerifiedVoting) recommends that Diebolds should never be booted from
their own software.

What is the piece of hardware that the Yale professor said should be
purchased and used to boot Diebold voting machines in each polling

Approximate cost?

How would one make sure that this new piece of equipment for each
polling location had clean software on it given that Diebold's
software is proprietary?

Is there anything useful one can make out of a Diebold TSx other than
boat anchor, door stop,..?

What is the best resource for mail-in ballot handling procedures that
would secure the integrity of mail in ballot handling?

Please forgive me because I think you've probably covered all these
issues already. I'm looking for short answers, not details at this

Thank you.

Kathy Dopp
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