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>Voting company diligently working to fix flaws in system
>Posted: 09/25/2006 04:01 pm
>Last Updated: 09/25/2006 04:02 pm
>- A voting machine company is working to fix
>software on 5000 machines in Indiana because
>they won't allow voters to cast a straight party ballot.
>State elections officials say they're upset that
>the company, Micro Vote General, didn't tell
>them sooner about the software problem.
>The Micro Vote Infinity voting machines are used in 47 Indiana counties.
>The company disabled the straight party voting
>function so the machines could be certified for
>use in the primary election, but didn't tell election officials.
>The Indiana election commission approved the software upgrade last week.
>Voting machines in 47 Indiana counties need software upgrade
>By The Associated Press
>This story ran on nwitimes.com on Monday, September 25, 2006 12:12 PM CDT
>INDIANAPOLIS -- A voting machine company is
>working to fix a software glitch on 5,000
>machines in Indiana that prevents voters from casting a straight-party ballot.
>Officials with the Indiana Election Commission
>were upset that MicroVote General Corp. did not
>tell them sooner about the software problem. The general election is Nov. 7.
>"I am disturbed by their lack of candor, and the
>commission is disturbed by their lack of
>candor," said commission Chairman Tom Wheeler,
>who sent a three-page letter to every county
>election official using MicroVote's Infinity system.
>The Infinity voting machines are used in 47
>Indiana counties. The company disabled the
>straight-party voting function so the machines
>could be certified for use in the primary
>election, but did not tell election officials.
>"I don't know if they just thought they would
>just get it fixed or no one would notice or what," Wheeler said.
>The software glitch would have allowed voters in
>split precincts casting a straight-ticket ballot
>to illegally vote for a candidate outside of the
>area where they live. Split precincts can straddle municipality boundaries.
>Time constraints before the primary led an
>independent lab, Colorado-based CIBER, to
>recommend that the straight-ticket function be
>disabled, said MicroVote attorney John R. Price.
>"They said you can either spend the time to fix
>it now or disable it and we'll fix it later,"
>Price said. "That was an easy call. MicroVote
>said, 'We'll disable it now and we'll fix it later."'
>Laura Herzog, Hendricks County's election
>supervisor, said she stands behind MicroVote. "I
>don't know why it's been so difficult for them to get certified," she said.
>Last week, the commission approved the new
>upgrade after receiving a letter from the
>independent lab confirming that the system meets federal requirements.
>"If the vendor had been more forthright and
>candid earlier, it probably wouldn't result in
>the counties having this work done in the last
>half of September," said Brad King, Republican
>co-chairman of the Indiana Election Division.

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