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>From: "Barbara Simons"
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>Subject: the USACM study of Voter Registration Databases
>Dear colleagues,
>This email is in response to my request for help in publicizing the ACM
>study of computerized databases of registered voters.
>You can find the Executive Summary, list of panelists, and full report
>(a downloadable pdf file) at The report
>is aimed at the general public and at election officials. However, for
>those folks who don't want to read the full report, we have a separate
>file called Overview and Recommendations that can be downloaded. It
>contains our 99 recommendations.
>I blush to admit that we didn't think of some of the problems that have
>occurred. For example, while we discuss well known problems with
>inaccuracies in registrar of voters databases and recommend against
>using database matches to purge voters, it never occurred to us that
>someone would do something so foolish as to disenfranchise voters whose
>names are not an exact match with the names in some other databases.
>When we discussed the need for backups to the electronic poll
>books, the problem of having the poll books crash in the middle of an
>election with the accompanying difficulty of determining who had
>already voted did not occur to us.

I am amazed that this study did not consider the possibility that
these VDBs might be used to assist in denying the vote to legitimate
voters as was widely done by the Republicans in 2004 albeit using
lists obtained in the old fashioned way. Also I wonder why the delay
in announcing this report?

I cringe at the thought of what might be done with these databases.
Suppose this DB was used on line on election day to compare a voter's
poll data (previously done by hand in a book and checked by the poll
workers to determine the identity of the would be voter. Suppose the
Trojan Horse was programmed to delete the ballots of 10% of
Democratic voters, producing a record indicating that the voter
didn't show up to vote or was deemed ineligible to vote for some
trumped up reason. Suppose the voter was not informed that her vote
was being denied.

Is this possible????

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