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Posted on Mon, Sep. 18, 2006

E-voting: 'electronic' or 'error'?


Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams, in
complete contradiction to all of the conclusions
reached by the U.S. academic community and the
U.S. National Institute of Standards and
Technology, says that electronic voting "promises
greater accuracy, accessibility and reliability,
and less opportunity for fraud." (See Friday letter "Disputing Mother Jones.")

I would refer readers to Lou Dobbs' CNN Tonight
program for ongoing reports on the electronic
voting debacles occurring all over the United
States, and to
for many references to the threat that electronic
voting poses to the very viability of democracy.

I was a member of Doreen Geiger's campaign staff
and was in attendance at the news conference at
the Tarrant County elections office on March 7
concerning the 100,000 extra votes reported March 6.

Anyone who thinks, as Williams apparently does,
that "technology was not responsible for the
error" needs to explain why there has never been
a paper-ballot election in the United States in
which the announced vote count was three times
the actual count. This error was most definitely created by the software.

If you want to be sure your vote counts in November, vote by paper ballot.

Jerry Lobdill, Open Voting Consortium, Fort Worth

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