paper tapes versus OVC

From: charlie strauss <cems_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Sun Sep 03 2006 - 23:51:14 CDT

One of the often overlooked advantages of OVC versus paper tape paper trails is the fact that paper tapes allow you to prove how you voted to a third party. (e.g. imagine a website in Iran or china offering a chance to win a free ipod if you can prove you voted for candidate YYYY. It would be stupid for them not to offer and would not be illegal)

But how to prove how you voted? Well Here's how:

Notice the bar code in the photo? It shows the entire ballot. Notice the words Ballot Accpeted. it proves it was cast.

OVC uses bar codes too. But you can't prove how you voted because a ballot is not cast until it is in the ballot box where you can't take a picture of it.

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