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For those who have been wishing for something to work on while
the Open Voting coding is on hiatus (which I think is a

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Subject: Verified Voting Project
Date: Thursday 30 September 2004 10:10 am
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For any techies out there who just tried out the link to test
 electronic voting in Florida and are wondering, "what can I
 do"... -j


Would you be willing to forward this message on to PlaNetwork?
 I think this would be of great interest, and we'd be really
 happy to have some of your PlaNetwork members contributing
 their amazing skills. Note we're also looking for a paid
 webmaster (full-time) and development manager (fundraiser).


Steve Enzer


Dear Prospective Voter Protection Volunteer,

Here's an opportunity for technology-minded folks to get
 involved in protecting voters before, during, and after
 Election Day.

We are writing you as a person who cares about fair elections.
 We need volunteers for Election Day, before Election Day, and
 NOW to ensure a fair election this year.

If you want to volunteer now without reading the rest, you can
 go to http://voteprotect.org/ and click on "Volunteer Now!"

Before, during, and after Election Day on November 2, we need
 volunteers to help monitor the election process, either in
 their local communities or by traveling to swing states.

Volunteer positions include:

1) Poll watcher or election observer on Election Day

2) Roving troubleshooter to visit problem polling places as
 needed on Election Day

3) Poll worker or election judge on Election Day

4) Early voting monitor (some states start as early as September

5) People with legal expertise to respond to incidents before
 and during Election Day to make sure voters can vote and that
 their votes are counted as intended.

6) Technologists to observe pre-election voting technology, as
 well as providing voting-technology expertise on Election Day.

Techies can read more about the possibilities at

RIGHT NOW, we need volunteers who can help complete the Election
 Incident Reporting System (EIRS), the system that will provide
 the electronic support for election-day activities.

We need significant help with data compilation, programming,
 management, training, and other tasks that must be completed
 well before Election Day, as described at

For these activities, we particularly need people who can make a
 substantial time commitment (3-4 hours per day for 5-6 days a
 week for potential team leaders, 10 hours per week for smaller
 individual tasks).

To volunteer for these and other jobs, go to
 http://voteprotect.org/ and click on "Volunteer Now!" Please do
 so even if you have signed up elsewhere before (since we have
 added new profiling information to EIRS).

If you don't have time to volunteer, but would like to
 contribute money to the EIRS Project, please go to

If you have friends or family who may be interested, please
 forward this email on to them as well.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

Let's make sure that every vote counts, this November 2 and on
 all Election Days thereafter!


John McCarthy, Election Incident Reporting System Project
 Manager, Verified Voting Foundation

Erik Nilsson, Voting Technology Group Chair, Computer
 Professionals for Social Responsibility

Will Doherty, Executive Director, Verified Voting Foundation

 About EIRS

The Election Incident Reporting System is a project of the
 Verified Voting Foundation and Computer Professionals for
 Social Responsibility. The project's main partner is the
 Election Protection Coalition (EPC), a group of more than 60
 organizations working to ensure fairness in the voting process
 on November 2 and beyond. EPC organizations, including People
 for the American Way and the Lawyers' Committee for Civil
 Rights Under Law, have helped design and test EIRS from its
 inception, through the recent Florida Primary Election, and
 continuing through Election Day 2004.

For a full list of EPC's members, see

For more details on EIRS, see

To volunteer, go to http://voteprotect.org/ and click on
 "Volunteer Now!"

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