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From: Alan Dechert <alan_at_openvotingconsortium_dot_org>
Date: Tue Sep 28 2004 - 17:25:54 CDT

Thanks, Joe. The wording is still a little weird, but as long as OVC's
design is not considered a DRE, that's an improvement over the original
draft we saw.

     Article 4. Direct Recording Electronic Voting Systems
     19250. (a) On and after January 1, 2005, the Secretary of
     State may not approve a direct recording electronic voting
     system unless the system has received federal qualification
     and includes an accessible voter verified paper audit trail.


     (b) ''Direct recording electronic voting system'' means a
     voting system that records a vote electronically and does
     not require or permit the voter to record his or her vote
     directly onto a tangible ballot.

The language is slightly self-contradictory since DRE is said to mean "no
tangible ballot," but DREs now have to have a "voter verified paper audit

BTW, is "Paper record copy" a tangible ballot?

In other words, wouldn't it have made more sense to just say, that "DREs
will no longer be permitted? All voting machines must include a voter
verified paper audit trail."

I know you worked on this a bit, but I don't think this is your wording.
Did Cindy Cohen write that?

[little late, I guess]

Alan D.

> From the VV newsletter:
> ....
> Governor Schwarzenegger yesterday signed into law SB1438, a
> bipartisan bill (Johnson/Perata) to require an accessible
> voter-verified paper audit trail for voting systems in
> California. The bill passed through the legislature with
> unanimous votes, thanks to the support of watchdog groups
> and many individuals who called and wrote.
> The bill also prohibits the Secretary of State from
> certifying paperless e-voting systems after January 1, 2005,
> and prohibits counties from purchasing such voting systems
> after January 1, 2006. For background, see our alert at
> ....
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