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From: Eron Lloyd <eronlloyd_at_verizon_dot_net>
Date: Sun Sep 26 2004 - 07:16:44 CDT

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've actively participated, now being back in school
full-time and pre-occupied with other interests and responsibilities. I've
been doing some soul-searching over the last few months and have come to the
conclusion that I need to focus my energies elsewhere, specifically in my
involvement with the Center for Voting and Democracy and electoral system
reform. Since the symposium at Harvard, I've come to the realization that
while important, voting machines are only one part of a larger problem--our
electoral system as a whole.

While I applaud the efforts of voting *machine* reformist, I fear that the big
picture is being ignored too much. Avi Rubin, in all his efforts and
expertise, made my eyebrows raise when he asked why voter turnout was such a
big deal. At the end of the event, my final statement was that I felt like we
were "engineers trying to find the most efficient way to pump water out of a
sinking ship."

At any rate, I still think this effort is extremely important, and I wish you
all the best of luck in pursuing the goal. Anytime I'm asked about what I
think needs to be done to fix the voting machines, I'll sure as hell point
them in your direction.

Eron Lloyd
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