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Press Conference: Hacking the Presidency A Bipartisan Problem --
Anyone Can Do It; Wednesday, Sept. 22

9/17/2004 9:12:00 AM

To: Assignment Desk, Political Reporter, Daybook Editor

Contact: Abbe Waldman Delozier, 512-736-5802; Vickie Karp,
512-775-3737; Bev Harris, 206-335-7747; or Andy Stephenson,

News Advisory:

Wednesday, Sept. 22. Two press events: 9:30 am (National Press Club,
by invitation only; features a surprise and a three-hour head start
for TV news) and 12:30 pm EST (The Ballroom at Heldref Publications,
open to all journalists, policymakers, and to the public)

Startling demonstrations using real election software proving that any
teenager or terrorist with a laptop can create havoc with the election
results in November. Or, more onerous: Anyone with an agenda or a
profit motive can help themselves to an election with subtlety such
that no one will ever know.

1. 9:30 am, The National Press Club, 529 14th St. NW, Washington,
D.C., Zenger Room (A small gathering by invitation; if you are a
member of Congress or represent one of the networks, call
206-335-7747, 206-778-0524, 512-736-5802 or 512-775-3737 to get on the
invite list. Some contact lines congested, keep trying.)

2. 12:30pm, "The Ballroom" at Heldref Publications, 1319 Eighteenth
St. NW, Washington, D.C. -- (All press and policymakers; open to the

Bev Harris, Executive Director, Black Box Voting --
http://www.BlackBoxVoting.ORG -- will demonstrate a hidden program for
vote manipulation, which resides on Diebold's election software. This
is a secret feature enabled by a two-digit trigger (not a "bug" or an
accidental oversight; it's there on purpose). The Diebold central
tabulator system election software will count 50 million votes,
approximately 50 percent of the votes in November's election.

Dr. Herbert H. Thompson, computer security expert and editor/author of
12 books including "The Mezonic Agenda: Hacking the Presidency"
Thompson will demonstrate how easily an election can be rigged by
implanting a virus.

Jeremiah Akin, independent computer programmer from Riverside, Calif.,
will demonstrate how to manipulate Sequoia Voting Systems software
while an election is in progress.

Andy Stephenson, Associate Director, Black Box Voting, will
demonstrate how an unscrupulous person with no computer skills
whatsoever can sabotage an election with two mouse clicks.

Surprise feature -- Highly visual TV demo, features something
astonishing. This 3 minutes will forever change your perspective on
voting security. Trust us on this one.

Two options will be presented as emergency solutions -- by Bev Harris
of Black Box Voting; and also by Sharona Merel and Joan Krawitz,
Co-founders of the National Ballot Integrity Project Task Force.
Inexpensive and doable emergency measures to immediately ensure the
integrity of the 2004 vote count, for immediate action. Lowell Finley,
attorney from Berkeley, Calif., specializing in election law, will
comment about the legal feasibililty of the emergency solutions being



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