Re: News story from "Washington Post." Follow on re Mikulski story of yesterday.

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Here's a human factors note I learned from a clerk's assistant a while back. While elderly people tend to like touch screesn they actually vote wrong on them. The reason is really simple. if you cant make a fist then the leading finger is your middle finger not your index finger. (try it: pretend you are holding a tennis ball in your hand, and extend your index finger and try to touch a screen. you will find that out-of-sight your middle finger touches the screen ahead of the index finger). One solution is to use a stylus rather than your finger but that can have some stability issues too.

Miskukski's result is actually quite common. The apparent undervote rate in elderly disticts in florida using touch screens versus paper ranges from 6 to 30 times higher on the touch screens. Yet in exit polls they tend to like the new machines, so they must not be aware of the errors.

human factors, human factors, human factors!

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Hello All:
Mikulski now says the machine worked fine. 60 Minutes examined the machine. Seems the Maryland SOS got very upset about the whole thing. See more below.
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