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OK, I get the message. I'm going to switch the site to a generic theme for
now so that it works for everyone, and then we can figure out how to wrap
OVC branding back into it later. I'd appreciate it if people with different
browsers could try out the various themes by logging in and clicking on "my
account" and picking various themes. Once we agree on a specific theme that
"works" for everyone, I'll wrap the OVC branding into it.
- LP

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Hello David and Laird:
If you're talking about the fact that parts of the dru-paul wiki are
obscured by the actions box on the left, you can add Internet Explorer 6
running on Windows XP-pro as system where it doesn't display correctly. It
does come up OK under Windows 2000-pro. Go figure.
Thanks, Ed Kennedy

David Mertz <> wrote:

|I tried another OS and browser... still broken. In fact, I've yet to
|find a system where the new Wiki displays properly. Maybe it's because
|I don't (and won't) run Windoze.

OK... adding to the list of environments where the new Wiki is broken:

Mac OSX (Safari):
Mac OSX (Camino):
OS/2 (Mozilla):
Linux (Konqueror):

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