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Thanks for the bug report.

I checked in Safari, and saw the same weirdness. Can any HTML wizard look at
the page (and CSS) and see if you can spot what's going on? The pages look
fine in Mozilla and IE (on the PC), and doesn't throw any major errors in
the W3C HTML validator (just the usual complaining that browser extensions
to HTML aren't in the spec), so it's obviously some sort of implementation
specific thing.

Alternatively, I could switch to a standard template (dropping in the OVC
graphics), which isn't as appealing, but may be easier than debugging the
customized template we're using now.

- LP

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> OK, I've put the Wiki module into the site and copied in most of the
> content  (, so that
> people can see how it looks.

Unfortunately, a number of things look wrong about it (at least in my
browser). Take a look at:

The dithering is just because I reduced to 256 colors to save a little
size. But the navigation links on top of the search box, the account
off the right of the page, the jump in the red horizontal bar, etc. are
all defect of the page. They all stay there if I resize the browser,
BTW (I just shrunk it for a smaller screenshot).

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