Re: CueCat

From: Alan Dechert <adechert_at_earthlink_dot_net>
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 11:01:11 CDT

Jan wrote:
> I have just received the CueCats, thank you.
You are welcome. That was pretty quick.

> I can verify the Caps Lock strangeness: it has to be ON to get
> correct case for the letters. Another weird thing was that I
> did not back the correct strings from my last example:
> qwer !"#%&QWER
> asdf/*)=?+ASDF
> zxcv*+'ZXCV
> tyui^TYUI
> ghjk,.-;:_GHJK
> Note the appearance of eight bit characters - they are Swedish
> accented characters. ...
Oh well. The CueCat idea was not perfect in any case. I doubt they did
much international testing.

> Of course, I tested it on a machine with a Swedish keyboard,
> and the scanned data comes in as had it been
> entered on the keyboard. So the data must have been translated
> by the OS through a keyboard map.
Hmmmm. What if you disconnect the keyboard?

> Neither of this causes any problems for us, since we will use
> string of only digits.
Right. It doesn't matter. Just curious though. They also made a USB
CueCat. I wonder how that one behaves. The USB CueCats tend to fetch a
higher price on eBay -- they often go for around $10 + shipping.

--Alan D.
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