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From: Skip Montanaro <skip_at_pobox_dot_com>
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 10:57:59 CDT

    Matteo> Not sure about the table layout: what does lynx says about this?
    Matteo> Would you test it for us? Right now it wouldn't be easy, to me,
    Matteo> to test the page with lynx.

It works, though what you get is the sidebar displayed above the main
content, like so:

                                                                  EVM2003 (p1 of 4)

       Home About the EVM
       What's EVM?
       The Crew
       Useful Links
       Mailing List
       Email Us
       EVM Project

       Electronic Voting Machine Project

    The Electronic Voting Machine Project

    Silicon Valley Computer Scientists Team Up To Demonstrate Free Voting

       Scientists and engineers from the Silicon Valley have started a
       project aimed at developing a PC based voting machine they claim will
       be easier to use, more tamper-resistant, and cheaper than commercially
       available voting machines.

    Matteo> BTW, I'm afraid I missed some e-mails about the site: you're
    Matteo> asking about some kind of template. Which kind of templating
    Matteo> engine?

It's ht2html (, which is used to create the and websites. It's not really a templating system.
It's more just a system to help generate common boilerplate. It can accept
HTML or ReST (ReStructured Text) inputs. The second option makes it a lot
more accessible to people with content to publish but who are lacking in
HTML skills.

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