Corruption most foul

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Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 22:39:02 CDT


Diebold takes down

US election fraud? Perish the thought!

By Egan Orion: Wednesday 24 September 2003, 11:27

DIEBOLD ELECTION SYSTEMS has brandished lawyers' threats to take down
that pesky citizens activist website It seems they
charged copyright infringement regarding materials on other websites
that merely linked to, despite such links having been
ruled legal by appellate courts in other instances.

This appears to be a public relations gaffe of staggering proportions on
Diebold's part. It's not like bunging the terms "Diebold election
fraud" into Google brings up only that site -- just
it and about 1,889 other hits, including a recent story at Salon,
another at Wired, and two pieces here at the INQUIRER, as well as
articles in major news publications. What can they be thinking?
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