Re: Fw: Open Voting Consortium

From: David Mertz <voting-project_at_gnosis_dot_cx>
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 14:43:53 CDT

|I don't really have net access outside the usual 8-5 workday, during
|which I should mostly be working on stuff for my employer. ;-)

They sure can be picky about stuff like that, huh :-).

|One technical holdup is the APT vs. ReST issue. While APT source may be
|somewhat easier to write than ReST, I suspect it's only simpler in degree.
|Integrating APT with ht2html will be more challenging because as I
|understand it, all the APT tools are written in Java.

I also liked APT because it had a couple targets that reST lacks, or
only has in crude ways: PDF, LaTeX, RTF, DocBook.

That said, if it would make your life easier, I am happy to convert my
APT Architecture document into reST, and maintain it that way. I'd have
to glance at the reST specs anew... but basically, all that is involved
is adding some dashes here and there, and changing some indentations
(which my editor is happy to do). The website/HTML is the major target,
IMO; so that would be fine by me.

|Another small hold-up is that I was under the impression that some folks are
|attached to the current sidebar style. Maintaining that will require a
|little more tweaking to ht2html. Probably nothing significant, but I simply
|haven't looked at the issue. I'm more inclined to just go with the
|out-of-the-box look in the short-term and worry more about content than

I'd like to get Matteo's opinion on this. I like his custom look, but I
do not feel strongly about it. But I don't want to slight Matteo's
efforts here.

|Speaking of content, is there more website content waiting in the wings?

I've been continuing to update the Architecture (except the last week,
when I was out of town). I think that will be my main job for now--IMO,
the document should stay up-to-date with all the current design

But to everyone else: Skip's is a VERY GOOD invitation to
contribute some more content for the website. Don't worry too much
about formats--just email me the words as text, and I'll worry about
those details (with Skip's help). What about more links? Some bios on
"The Crew?" A requirments document? Maybe something on the purpose of
the OVC. The website should be more filtered and refined than the raw
mailing list, but it should also aim to cover everything newcomers
(including the press, politicos, etc., as well as programmers) would
want to know.

Yours, David...

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