Re: VoteHere publishes its verification scheme

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Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 13:27:55 CDT

This is worth a look, but I don't see any reason for any DRE maker to want to
spend money with VoteHere. Our system will be much better

1) We don't need a smart card -- much simpler and cleaner for the voter
2) We don't need expensive dedicated equipment that will become obsolete soon
3) Our verification scheme for visually impaired is better
4) They depend on a printed receipt that may or may not be acceptable to
election boards

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> The vendor VoteHere has just published its version of how to run
> a fair election in the face of the malicious intent from insiders
> in the elections staff, hackers, vendors, voters, foreign governments,
> etc. I have scanned a bit of their presentation but not enough to
> understand it.
> VoteHere is offering to licence DRE vendors if they wish to incorporate
> their system into the vendors' products.
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