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> Note that when converting from decimal to binary to get back the
> original bit vector from the decimal number, one may have to add
> a number of zeroes (most significant zeroes will disappear).
In every case except where the first candidate in the first contest was
selected. So, we pad with leading zeros to reach 116 digits. Is this what you
mean? Seems simple enough.

> To inspect a particular contest for debugging purposes one simply
> extracts the proper slice of the bit vector. Okay, it's binary
> digits, but if documented properly how the bits in each contest
> are assigned, I don't think that should be a problem.
I don't see any problem with this scheme either. I should receive my
shipment of Cue Cat scanners tomorrow. Perhaps you could provide me with some
samples of barcodes in various lengths (say 15 - 40 symbols) that I can test with.
Can you post a .PDF file with several barcodes we can test with?


Alan D.
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