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From: Chris Schaefer <evm_at_1reality_dot_org>
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 01:49:50 CDT

> <election minVotes="0" maxVotes="8" ordered="Yes" name="County
> <selection>Gordon Moore</selection>
> <selection>David Packard</selection>
> <selection>Steve Jobs</selection>
> </election>

I have a few comments:

1) There are voting systems where you are allowed to rank two
candidates at the same level. I would consider putting the
following optional attribute on selection

       <selection rank="1" >Gordon Moore</selection>
       <selection rank="2" >David Packard</selection>
       <selection rank="2" >Steve Jobs</selection>

2) Also I think I'd prefer to rename the element "election" to the
element "ballot-item." I belive that
election refers to a large process.

3) and finally, I think it would be good to include a "scope"
attribute on each "ballot-item"
Scope refers to the "top" level where the final tally takes place.
So county commisioner would
have "CA-SC" as the value of it's scope attribute
<ballot-item minVotes="0" maxVotes="8" ordered="Yes" name="County
Commissioner" scope="CA-SC" >

Otherwise this look very much like where I was headed for the
internal structure of the document. I don't feel that
any of my additions are show stoppers if they're not in the final
spec for the demo.

A final thought is that all of these XML documents need to be signed
by the device that produces them. I would propose using XML
signatures: here's a quick article which has links to the real W3
spec: I believe
that signing this stuff is VERY critical in the final design, but we
may be able to skip it for our demo in the interests of speed.

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